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We are Professionals in Electronics, Web and Andriod Projects


Welcome To Evatronics

Evatronics® is a group of experts in the field of Electronics:Embedded Systems,Control Systems,Website and Andriod development.
We are specialists who assist students,individuals and cooperate companies in their projects. We also undertake projects from scratch to completion.
We design, build and deliver.Request for an assistance today, and watch us deliver.

  • Evatronics: Project Assistants
  • Evatronics: Project Assistants
  • Evatronics: Project Assistants
  • Evatronics: Project Assistants

Recently Completed Projects

Profesionalism is our Passion,We Design,Bulid and Deliver

Our Services

  • Embedded Systems

    Project Assistance Experts

    We undertake projects on embeded systems using microcontrollers. Embedded systems are commonly found in consumer, cooking, industrial, automtive commercial and military applications.It is also applied in telecommunications from switches to routers and network bridges to route data

  • Home Automation and Control

    Project Assistance Experts

    Home automation, also known as smart home involves using some modern technologies bluetooth, wireless and speeh recognition technology to make homes and appliances smart. Evatronics will help integrate these technologies into your home/devices thereby making them smart for remote monitoring and control.

  • Website Design And Development

    Project Assistance Experts

    Web ddesign encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. Evatronics web team will help you digitalize your ideas, businesses, and crafts. Evatronics also help students and the general public to make their dream projects a success.

  • Andriod Development

    Project Assistance Experts

    Andriod development is the process by which new applications are created for the andriod operating system. Andriod Appilications had over 25 billion downloads as of July 2013. Nearly everyone owe a smart phone today. To reach and constantly stay with your intended audience/customer you need a mobile app. Evatronics Andriod team is ever ready to make your dream andriod application a reality.

Latest Projects Completed